Partner Schools

Tevfik İleri Anadolu Lisesi , Rize TURKEY.

Our school which is called Tevfik Ileri Anadolu Lisesi is located in the center of our city ,Rize which is a lovely city on the North-east coast of the Black Sea.Our school is one of the best academical upper secondary state schools with 22 classes, 50 staff and 550 students in the city.What makes the school unique is its high acedemical success level and technological classes with IWBs and tablet computers.The students have to pass an exam to enroll the school .The school has a flexible curriculum tailored for the future careers needs of the students.Two foreign languages English and German are taught at school and the students have IT classes as a part of the school curriculum.The mission of the school is to educate students as life long learning individuals who are technologically,socially,emotionally as well as academically awared .In addition to school subjects we have Drama,music,EU projects,sport ,art clubs where students practice and learn social skills out of regular school times.

Nuestra Señora del Carmen – Hermanos Maristas , Badajoz SPAIN.

Maristas School is located in Badajoz which is a small city located in the west side of the country, really close to Portugal. Badajoz belongs to Extremadura, one of the biggest regions of Spain. Our School belongs to the Marista Institution founded by an international community of Catholic Religious known as Marist Brothers.

Maristas School of Badajoz is known around the country due to its education based on collaboration, practising sports and socialization. Also, one of the most important aspects of our education is taking care of those most neglected and paying a lot of attention to the relationship with our students and their families. Everybody know our school due to the spiritual accompaniment, our renovated education based on new technologies and the great level of languages. Nowadays the school is focused on international collaboration and spreading this way of education to other schools of our country. This collaboration is carried out in our classrooms as well, our students work through Colaborative Learning.

We are around 1200 pupils and 60 staff teacher. Our school is one of the biggest of our city. Within the different educational stages, we can find kindergarten, Primary Education, Secondary Education and Bachillerato.