Cultural Exchange

During the 2 years of the project there have been 6 mobilities of between 6 and 7 days of duration each, 3 to Spain and 3 to Turkey.
During the time shared in the partner countries have been many things learned not only methodological and content but also cultural and human level.
Therefore, we did not want to stop sharing with some of those special moments that we take forever in the heart, knowing that this project has not only been a great opportunity to enrich us at academic and professional level but also an experience that has made us To all change our vision of the world, the people and the host countries.
We take great friends that we hope we can find again soon in new projects and a feeling of European and human identity that makes us more empathic, closer, more committed to others and their realities.

We invite you to navigate the different mobilities made so that you can see how what is said, far from being just words, is a reality.