Etwinning European Quality Label

The second recognition, also thanks to our Etwinning space, was the European Quality Label (with the corresponding two nationals labels), which was granted to us after finishing our first year of project.

This, along with the prize received by the government of Turkey, have been a wonderful way to make an impact and reach more teachers and schools, allowing and encouraging that more and more teachers could introduce active methodologies and could change the education.


Connected and Safe Journey (Junta Extremadura)

Another recognition of the work carried out in the Erasmus + Project came from the Junta de Extremadura.

The ECO sub-project, thanks to which students become experts in cultural diffusion, was considered an example of Good Practices in the use of ICT in the classroom.

Captura de pantalla 2017-06-11 a las 22.15.11.png
Recall that ECO is one of the main ways we have to be able to bring to the classroom in a unified way all the active methodologies that were being learned.

What began as a search for an open and flexible education based on cooperative learning for the 21st century turned out to be the most appropriate way of working on project learning, problem solving, digital literacy and the use of Web 2.0, multiple intelligences and much more.

This recognition led us to give a lecture at the Connected and Secure Conference of the Junta de Extremadura, an event in which more than 500 teachers from all over Extremadura participated, to which we were able to explain the strength of these methodologies that, thanks to the ECO project of our Erasmus +, can be developed and applied in a unified way.

Although there are several references to Erasmus +, the first, which explains that Erasmus + is the framework project, appears in the 10th minute.


EBA FATIH Etwinning

The first award we have had came from Turkey, the Turkish Ministry of Education granted us for being one of the best Etwinning project carried out with a Turkish School.
The name of the prize is “EBA FATIH Etwinning”

It is a prize awarded to the top 10 projects of the country, and we, without having finished the project (it arrived on September 2016), have already received it!