I Web 2.0 Teachers Summer Workshop (July 2016)

After learning about Web 2.0 tools thanks to the course prepared by our partner Adil, two of the teachers attending the workshop decided to prepare a course for the rest of teachers from the center of Spain. In this way, all the teachers of the center could benefit from what was learned in Turkey.

In addition, we considered that it was an excellent way to spread the project and achieve the desired impact in the school.

The course of Web 2.0 tools applied to teaching for teachers was divided into two parts, one for primary school teachers, led by Álvaro Guerrero, and another for secondary education, led by Lourdes Cardenal.

After preparing the material, based on Adil’s own presentation, but loading it with suitable contents for our companions (which we had to look for, test and investigate), the workshop was held for a whole morning in June 2016.


Buena 2017-05-23 a las 14.58.59

We share the presentations and materials of the course, in such a way that they can be seen and reused by any Spanish speaking teacher.

Secondary School teachers Summer Course
Course Introduction:
21st Century Education Motivation:
Webpage to have access to all the activities carried out during the workshop:


Captura de pantalla 2017-06-07 a las 18.48.17

Captura de pantalla 2017-06-07 a las 18.48.37

Power Point to guide the course
Primary School Teachers Summer Course

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